Do I need an EPC when selling my Home

Having a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is an important piece of documentation you need when selling your home in Liverpool. It can help potential buyers determine how high or low their energy bills might be if they purchase your property.

This article will explain what an EPC is, why it’s needed when selling your home in Liverpool, and how to get one for a property in the UK.

What is an EPC?

An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate that tells buyers how energy efficient a property is and what impact it has on the environment. An EPC is valid for 10 years.

You must have an EPC for your property when you’re selling your home – including if you are a landlord.

This certificate will grade your home, considering its appliances, heating systems, insulation and other elements, from A to G. A is considered very efficient, and G is considered poor.

Why Do I Need an EPC When I’m Selling a Property?

It’s UK law that all properties require an EPC when you’re selling. As the seller, you are responsible for ensuring that your home has an EPC and that it hasn’t expired.

If your certificate has expired, you need to arrange for a new certificate to be issued before your home goes on the market. Your estate agent can help you arrange this quickly and easily, so speak to them if you think you need a new EPC.

While it’s the law to have this certificate, it also serves an excellent purpose for buyers. From the report, buyers can establish:

  • How energy-efficient the property and its appliances are
  • Which grade the property is (in terms of energy efficiency)
  • How much the energy bills could be for the property

If you don’t have an EPC, you could be fined during the conveyancing process.

Do I Need an EPC as a Landlord Seller?

In short, yes, you need an EPC as a landlord to show potential tenants. You’ll need this before you market your property as available for let.

However, there are some exceptions as to when this certificate is needed.

For example, holiday accommodation may not require a certificate, depending on the time it’s being let for or the license it has.

Check the GOV.UK website for the complete list of exemptions landlords needs to be aware of.

How to Get an EPC for Your Home

Getting a new EPC for your home means you’ll need to book an inspection with an accredited energy assessor. We use Patrick Robinson and have done for several years, He is super reliable.

You can contact him either by email at or by calling him direct on 07764254505

If you want to check whether your property has an existing EPC that hasn’t expired, you can also check this on the GOV.UK website here.

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